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Gold rates in the countries keep on fluctuating because it always depends upon global and international markets and the trading activity of stakeholders. As we all know that people really want to know the changing gold prices and gold rate today whether they belong to any country or any place, it doesn’t matter. Gold is one of the precious metals in the world especially when it comes to the high demand for the ornaments in the world. The pure gold is recognized from its glittering shine and there is also a famous simile in the English language when we say that as glitter like gold.

People of Asian countries always prefer gold over other metals. People whether they belong to the upper class or middle-class love to wear gold and think gold as a precious metal as compared to silver and diamond. When it comes to diamonds we know that diamond is beyond the range of common man due to its high price and silver is not preferred as much as gold is liked.

Here you can check the fluctuating gold prices every day whenever you come to visit this page. Don’t worry about the todays gold rate that it would be accurate or not, yes definitely it would be accurate because we keep an eye on all the gold rates every day. Here you can find out the latest gold prices plus you can also get informed about the units of gold like tola for example 24k per tola or 22k per tola or even 22k per 10 grams. Here we provide you the latest prices of gold and silver along with their smaller units as well. The whole process of rise and fall of rates will be updated here on a daily basis.

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Here you will not only get to know about the local gold rates but you will know about the live international gold rates in unit 24k per Ounce in the US dollar. We also show the rates according to the converted currency in Pakistani and Indian Rupees. Here find out the current online international gold rates and gold rate in Pakistan and silver rates too according to various cities like Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Hyderabad etc Knowing rates of gold sitting in your home is a great facility especially for ladies who love gold. As we all know that gold is the weakness of ladies and they want to buy new gold jewelry according to their budget so rather than going to goldsmith you can directly visit us and find out the today gold rate according to your city.

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A wedding is a big day in the life of bride and groom. We can know the importance of gold through the fact that an Asian wedding or any wedding in the whole world is incomplete without jewelry. The elegance and charm of jewelry is incomplete without gold. On the wedding day bride and groom both wear gold rings and the bride wears all gold jewelry because gold is the symbol of beauty, elegance and charm. Different types of gold jewelry is worn by the bride in the form of rings, necklace, bracelets, earrings, nose jewelry, bangles, and many other forms. The girls prefer innovative and intricate designs of gold and wearing gold on the wedding day has become a custom in various cultures and traditions of the world.

The changing prices of gold and the value of gold in various countries of the world is often is hot topic of discussion for men and women of all ages. As we all know that gold is the most loved and graceful elements in the entire world. The thing which makes this metal precious is the glamour and charm that it possesses. Women and girls of every age fall in love with the elegance and softness of gold and for the designs and sizes of gold jewelry matter more as compared to the prices of gold because they love to pay any price of gold the way it is beautiful and charming.

The first love of women is always gold due to the latest designs and forms available today. Gold is the symbol of purity and elegance. The history of gold is very old and people are making investments in gold for ages. Gold has become a part of every civilization. In older times or ages, people used gold as currency rather than other forms of money. In our country Pakistan, gold was also used as currency even before the arrival of British reign.

Do you know that gold was the primary metal used for international trade when the prices of gold in one country was entirely different than other Country? Because of the universal banking system and independent economies, the current price of gold has got the main importance in the overall scenario. The rates of gold vary account to their quantity and purity in karats. You can get information about todays gold rate here on this page and we will keep you updated with every day.


Many people still have questions in their minds about the gold price and they look for gold charts every day. But I often wonder that why gold is such a precious metal and what makes it so expensive? Gold has the oldest civilization in the world and it has been considered for more than thousands of years. I literally searched for this metal and found out why it is so much precious and its color is golden.

First of all you must know that Gold is extremely dense metal and the meaning of it is that you can carry it anywhere as compared to any other metal or compound on earth. Interestingly, you can put your entire family wealth in just a small piece of gold and use it in situations of crises.

You must keep this thing in your mind that gold never ever loses its value because it doesn’t corrode. Therefore, you can handover this precious metal from generation to generations. Literally you cannot do this with paper (notes) or iron means that you cannot handover the notes from one generation to another but you can do this with gold. You can easily test the purity of gold with zero within your hand.

You can use gold overall anywhere at any place in the world because the market of gold is stable in the whole world and gold price is the same according to the currency of every country. You don’t have to face loss, if you sell your gold in one country and then move to another country.

There is stable and only one grade of gold, it means that there is no range in quality or grade as we have to deal with liquids. The other great reason is that gold is recognized and valued all over the world. It means that you can trust the flexibility of gold and gold price remain same in the entire world. No other material has such a value for trading purposes.

There are different styles of gold that people prefer in jewelry. Ladies always keep an eye on gold price today because they look for bangles designs. These days some traditional and innovative gold jewelry designs are in the market. With every passing day new gold jewelry designs along with current price of gold are released by jewelers.

In Dubai, there is the world’s biggest market of gold. Gold of Dubai is very much famous among ladies because of the glittering and shining latest designs. Gold bracelets are very popular among young girls and they come in different styles. You can check the gold bangles with new and delicate designs and by wearing such intricate designs the elegance of your wrist is increased way more. Whether you go to any gathering or party, people first look at your wrist for the gold bangles or bracelets you are wearing and the next quest which comes in their mind is what would be price of gold she is wearing? And they ask from you the current price of gold bangles.

Do you know that gold bangles are famous among the ladies whether she belongs to India or America or England? Different types of bangles are worn by ladies in every region of the world for years. The gold bangles come in different styles and designs according the fashion and tradition of every place. Gold bangles are quite expensive these days due to the current gold rate is shooting up. No matter what are the prices of gold still every woman prefers to wear gold on wedding ceremonies and parties and do you know that some of the designs of gold jewelry travel from one generation to next generation. Every goldsmith and jewelry try to bring the latest designs to the girls so that they wear something new on their wedding.

Different types of gold necklaces are famous these days. It is a trend coming back from history that Hyderabadi Seven Stringed Pearl gold necklace is a part of traditional jewelry. This necklace is adorned with semi-precious gems and colored pearls or beads. It is much like the raani haar which comes from the Moghul history. These days brides don’t rely on a single piece of gold necklace rather they prefer another long length string gold necklace along with the single haar. The numbers strings vary according to the requirement of a bride. The color of the pearls in the string can be customized according to the dress of bride. The number strings vary according to the need or demand of people and they can be three stringed or five stringed or seven stringed. Three stringed gold necklaces are commonly known as teen lara haar, five stringed gold necklaces are commonly known as paanch lara haar and seven stringed gold necklaces is commonly known as saat lara haar. The beads on gold necklace are set according to the preferred colored combination of beads such as red or green beads and red or purple beads. The bride selects the color combination of beads according to her preference or likes or dislikes. Along with the liking of the bride, she also looks for the latest trends which are in the fashion.

As we all know that the current price of gold is increasing every day and people are worried about the weddings of their daughters because gold jewelry is the main part of the wedding and a marriage ceremony is incomplete without gold. Seeing the gold rates people are diverting towards artificial jewelry and they think of wearing artificial jewelry as compared to gold. Those people who cannot afford the gold jewelry, they prefer to use the plated gold but real pure gold has its own grace and elegance which is entirely missing in any form of artificial jewelry.

Although there are different types of jewelry like bangles or rings or earrings or necklaces but overall gold set is liked by ladies. Golf bangles have their own importance in gold jewelry. If you wear gold set but you don’t wear gold bangles then you think that something is missing in their overall looks. The complete bridal gold jewelry is only complete with the presence of gold bangles along with the gold set.

There are many latest designs of artificial jewelry is available in the market. No matter how much high is today gold rate, still women first love is gold and they look for the latest designs of different types of gold jewelry on various Facebook pages and on the internet.

If you are such a passionate lover of gold and want to know the current price of gold every day then you have come to the right place because we update the current rates of gold with every passing hour of the day. Now you don’t need to make a call to the jeweler in order to know the latest gold rate because they days you have such a great platform like us.

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