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Current Gold Price in USA – 17 November 2017

                Current Gold Price in USA – 17 November 2017


Current gold price in USA- Today gold fee consistent with Ounce = $1280.44 USD, which is updated at 01:17:47 pm. Ounce is a widespread unit for measuring the valuable metals. Gold has been used as forex for plenty centuries and the code for gold in keeping with ounce is XAU whilst its chemical symbol is Au. The gold marketplace and software in USA is common and source of profits for the humans. Gold jewelry measured in Ounce is broadly the use of in adorns for extraordinary family occasions (e.g., wedding and engagements) in lots of designs e.g., Bracelet, Necklace, Bangles, Chains, and Dresses. Gold rate in USA per gram- per gram in 24-carat gold is calculated as     41.18. With 22carat gold 1 gram cost is 37.80. Price of Gold in USA- 1 ounce rate in 24-carat gold is measured as 1,280.70. In 22-carat gold per ounce price in USA is 1,175.69.

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Current Gold Price in USA:

Updated: 17 November 2017

Gold Price Today Price in US DollarHighLow
1Gram 6k 10.32 10.32 10.28
1Gram 24k 41.28 41.28 41.11
1Gram 22k 37.90 37.90 37.74
1Gram 21k 36.12 36.12 35.97
1Gram 18k 30.96 30.96 30.83
1Gram 14k 24.15 24.15 24.05
1Gram 10k 17.22 17.22 17.14


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