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Current Price of Gold UK – 18 November 2017

                   Current Price of Gold UK – 18 November 2017


Current price of gold UK-Consumer call for gold bullion bars and coins hold to hit new highs as buyers are looking harder than ever to guard their cash towards inflation and foreign money depreciation. In addition to safeguarding their own family’s destiny with gold, bullish buyers are searching for strong returns on their investment. With shares and shares, currencies and assets continuing to falter in an underneath acting UK and wider financial system, people are trying to diversify their investment portfolios and area their cash into physical gold which has continuously outperformed all other kinds of investment in the marketplace. Selling gold price today- per gram rate in UK today is, 31.38. And per kilogram price is 31,382.14. What the gold price today- 1 ounce of 24-carat gold cost is measured in UK as 975.98. In 22-carat gold per ounce price is             896.96.

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Current Price of Gold UK:

Updated: 18 November 2017

Gold Price Today Price in British PoundHighLow
1Gram 24k 31.50 31.52 31.48
1Gram 22k 28.92 28.94 28.90
1Gram 21k 27.56 27.58 27.55
1Gram 18k 23.62 23.64 23.61
1Gram 14k 18.24 18.44 18.42
1Gram 10k 13.13 13.14 13.13
1Gram 6k 7.87 7.88 7.87

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