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Gold Price Now in USA – 8 October 2017

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The gold’s purity is measured in Karat and with the purity level of the gold rate of gold depends. Latest gold price in USA is 900 dollars an ounce. 900/31.1=$28 a gram. Actually 40 percent pure gold mixed with alloys, so when you want to know what it’s worth you do this Say you have 5 grams of 10k gold. Divide 31.1 grams (That’s how many grams are in an ounce) from the gold value on the market. Gold/rate today is 18 Karat cost $30.61/gram, 24K pure gold cost $40.82/gram while 14 Karat cost $23.81/gram. Gold price live are Gold Price per Ounce cost $1,285.10, Gold Price per Gram cost $41.32, Gold Price per Kilo cost $41,316.92.


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Gold Price Now in USA:

Gold Price Today Price in US DollarHighLow
1Gram 6k 10.26 10.26 10.26
1Gram 24k 41.05 41.05 41.04
1Gram 22k 37.68 37.69 37.68
1Gram 21k 35.92 35.92 35.91
1Gram 18k30.79 30.79 30.78
1Gram 14k 24.01 24.02 24.01
1Gram 10k 17.12 17.12 17.11

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