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22 April 2020, Gold Price Saudi Arabia

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Gold Price Saudi Arabia | Gold Price Per Gram | Price of Gold Today | Price of Gold Per Gram | Today Gold Price – 22 April 2020


Gold has the key importance in Saudi Arabia because the people of Saudi Arabia are richer. These people show their interest in luxury items including gadgets, cars and they are crazier for gold as compared to other nations of the world. The gold price Saudi Arabia is searched all over the world because of the purity of this metal in Saudi Arabia. There are many big gold merchants in Saudi Arabia who are up to date about the price of gold today.

Gold price Saudi Arabia

When we compare the different units of gold we get an idea about today’s gold price. The gold price per gram is quite different from the gold prices per ounce because these are two different units of gold. The biggest gold market of Saudi Arabia is situated in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and various other big states where the market of gold is at higher peaks. People go to these markets to purchase gold but before going they search for what is the price of gold today. By knowing the prices, people make up their minds according to their budget.

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Today gold rate KSA:

Updated: 22 April 2020

Gold Price Today
in Saudi Riyal
1 Gram
1 Ounce1 Tola
24 Carat 203.32 6,323.24 2,371.48
22 Carat 186.65 5,804.74 2,177.02
21 Carat 177.90 5,532.84 --------
18 Carat 152.49 4,742.43 1,778.61

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As we know that Saudi Arabia is known for its oil wealth and people here love to live a luxurious life. No matter itis their luxury cars or luxury houses. The trend of gold in Saudi Arabia is greater as compared to other countries of the world. Like other industries in this country, the jewelry industry is flourishing due to an increased interest in gold. People search for 1 gram of gold price in Saudi Arabia. Especially the women are curious and they want to know that how much is gold per gram these days. You must keep in mind that Today’s gold price may not be different from the previous day.

 As we all know that men in Islam are prohibited to wear gold jewelry but it is not the case with women. Saudi women adorned themselves with gold jewelry such as necklaces, bangles, rings and brooches. Even the richest women prefer hijab with gold embellishment in it. There is a unique tradition when it comes to gold jewelry. The gold is presented to the women as a gift on special events such as marriage, engagement, Nikkah ceremony, childbirth and other important events of their life.

As we know that Saudi women wear hijab and the ear part is covered with a scarf but still they wear gold coins, gold beads and gold chains around their hijab. They want to show their interest in gold jewelry by wearing it outside their hijab. The women of Saudi Arabia prefer heavy jewelry as compared to western women because they show interest in gold as one of their key interests.

The girls having the age of four of six months are pierced in their ears by their mothers because the mothers want their daughter to have a habit of wearing gold jewelry at an early age. The mothers don’t have to worry about the today gold price because they love it anyway. In this way when they reach the age of marriage then are habitual of wearing heavy gold jewelry.

In Saudi Arabia, it is a common trend that a girl receives higher amount of gold as gift and it becomes their financial security as compared to other states of the world. Even Saudi women exchange gold gifts on various important or trivial events of their lives including birthday parties or any other event. Some women also sell their gold jewelry thus they look for the gold price per gram today. When we get the current price of gold per gram then we have a better idea about the worth of our gift according to todays gold prices.

The people of Saudi Arabia prefer gold as the best gift for their loved ones. If your partner is annoyed with you and you want to make her happy then Saudi men first think of gold for their partners because they know that gold is weakness of women. The trend of giving gold gifts to women is not to stop till marriage but they keep on receiving gifts throughout their lives. So that in case of any trouble moment they can convert the gold in cash whenever they require it. The gold per gram in their collection keeps on adding their financial security.

If you want to sell or purchase your gold jewelry then you have come to the right place because we keep you updated about the todays gold prices according to the gold price per gram today. You just need to visit this page to know the prices of gold in various units.

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