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Gold Price Today in Saudi Arabia- 1 October 2017

                Gold Price Today in Saudi Arabia- 1 October 2017


24 k gold is the purest form of gold to be had which means all 24 components that make up the gold are 100% gold. 22k, 21k and 18k gold have 22, 21 and 18 parts of 24-karat gold respectively with the stability being made from other metals. This alters the purity of the gold in addition to its chemical composition and tensile strength. 22k gold is usually used for jewelry making. Gold is also to be in lesser karats however those aren’t as commonplace.

Dubai is called the “City of Gold” and a hub of gold exchange due to no VAT/GST/income taxes which makes for more favorable gold shopping for conditions. Investors are concentrated within the Gold Souk in Deidra, a place dotted with stores selling gold in many paperwork along with jeweler, bullion and bars.

The gold fee in Saudi Arabia is set each day and displayed prominently throughout the Gold Souk which creates a more obvious buying and selling technique and permits all people to definitely see what the gold price is today.

This day by day Dubai gold price also applies to the rest of the Saudi however the price per gram may additionally range which ultimately alters the gold charge you will finally pay.

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Today Gold Rate in Saudi Arabia:

Gold Price Today Price in Saudi RiyalHighLow
1Gram 24k 154.37 154.37 154.23
1Gram 22k 141.71 141.71 141.58
1Gram 21k 135.07 135.07 134.95
1Gram 18k 115.77 115.77 115.67
1Gram 14k 90.30 90.30 90.23
1Gram 10k 64.37 64.37 64.31
1Gram 6k 38.59 38.59 38.56

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