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Rate of Gold Today in UAE – 12 October 2017

                            Rate of Gold Today in UAE – 12 October 2017

Rate of gold today in UAE- The price of gold varies relying available on the market that it’s miles being traded in and at the purity of the gold itself. 24 K gold is the purest shape of gold available which means that all 24 components that make up the gold are 100% gold. 22 K, 21 K and 18 K gold have 22, 21 and 18 components of pure gold respectively with the staleness being made from exceptional metals. This alters the charge of the gold as well as its chemical composition and tensile energy. 22 K gold is most typically used for earrings making. Today rate of gold in UAE- 24k gold per gram rate today in UAE is 152.35. Live gold rates- according to 24l gold per ounce rate is calculated as 4 737.94. 22k gold per gram price is gold rates- according to 24k per tola rate in UAE is 1 776.90. 24k gold rate per kg is 152 343.22.

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Rate of Gold Today in UAE:

Gold Price Today Price in DhiramHighLow
1Gram 24k 152.77 152.85 152.51
1Gram 22k 140.24 140.32 140.00
1Gram 21k 133.67 133.75 133.44
1Gram 18k 114.58 114.64 114.38
1Gram 14k 89.37 89.42 89.22
1Gram 10k 63.71 63.74 63.38
1Gram 6k 38.19 38.21 38.13

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