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Gold was discovered in Saudi Arabia in 3000 BC. Second period of gold discovery was in Abbasid period between 750-1258 AD.

King Abdullah started extraction of gold in Saudi Arabia in1939-1954 after a mine was discovered in 1932.

KSA is producing tons of gold every year. We are providing a facility to tell you gold rate today in KSA. This is a very interesting topic and has much importance in finance department. Gold price today can be seen by visiting our website, if you want to update yourself with latest prices of gold.

03-Feb-2020, Gold Price Saudi Arabia

Gold Price Saudi Arabia

Gold Price Saudi Arabia | Gold Price Per Gram | Price of Gold Today | Price of Gold Per Gram | Today Gold Price – 03 February 2020   Gold has the key important in Saudi Arabia because the people of Saudi Arabia are richer. These people show their interest in luxury items including gadgets, […]

Price Gold Today KSA – 22 November 2017

Today Gold Price in Dubai

                      Price Gold Today KSA – 22 November 2017   Price gold today KSA– Gram in KSA is a widespread unit for measuring the valuable metals. The gold application in Saudi Arabia is famous and its Jewelry is used in exclusive occasions (e.g., wedding and […]

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