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22 April 2020 Today Gold Price in Dubai

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Today gold price in Dubai is one of the key attractions especially for the people who come to visit Dubai. Gold of Dubai is famous all around the world because of the latest designs of jewelry in the markets of Dubai. When it comes to gold trade and price of gold, we all know that Dubai has always been one of the famous cities around the world. It is impossible for anyone who visits Dubai and doesn’t explore the gold of Dubai because it is glittering and full of shine. The famous gold market of Dubai is Deira Gold Souk which is situated in old Dubai.

Today Gold Price in Dubai

Those people who don’t find attractive in gold prices then visit the famous tourist places in Dubai. There are a great number of marvelous tourist destinations in Dubai which are visited by tourists from all over the world on a regular basis. If you are among those who love to explore the gold price today in Dubai then you must visit the famous gold market of Dubai. On this page we would love to share some advice regarding the gold prices per gram according to the gold market of Dubai city. Being a visitor, you have to keep an eye on the changing gold value in every hour so that you can get the most benefit when the current price of gold is stable.

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Today Gold Price in Dubai:

Updated: 22 April 2020

Gold Price Today
in Dhiram
1 Gram
1 Ounce1 Tola
24 Carat 198.93 6,186.84 2,320.32
22 Carat182.62 5,679.522,130.06
21 Carat 174.07 5,413.49 --------
18 Carat149.20 4,640.13 1,740.24

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As we know that goldprice keeps on fluctuating every time and there are many ups and downs in the price of gold. When you aim to purchase gold from the market then you need to be oriented about the current gold price. Don’t worry about anything because we keep on updating our published data every day and every hour of the day so you can check the live gold prices here on this page.

Gold merchants and jewelers classify gold in categories and it is being measured in Carat and in grams as well. It is measured according to the purity of gold in 18 Carat, 21 Carat or even 24 Carat and the highest value depicts its purity. From these values of gold we come to know that 24 Carat the purest form of gold that is available in the market. However 18 Carat is less pure as compared to the 24. These different values of Carats contain different concentrations of gold in them.

After knowing these values, if you are willing to buy gold then you need to learn the art of haggling as it is never an easy process. For this purpose you need to visit various shops of gold who are selling the gold jewelry at the same price. The sellers of gold also have the art of selling the gold at the price they actually want to sell to the buyers so if you really want to buy the gold then you have to settle the lowest possible price with the merchant of gold. The cost of gold in the international market keeps on changing so there may be a good possibility that you will get the gold at the right price.

You should also know that gold rate in India may be different according to the currency of the country. In the same manner the price of gold in USA is not the same as the gold rate in any other country in the world. Many people especially ladies search that what is the price of gold and then they search out in the search engine. From now you don’t need to be worried because gold rates today will be provided here with every passing day. We have a team of members who keep an eye on the ever-changing rates of gold in the market and their only duty is to keep on updating our valuable visitors who only come here to see the prices of 1 gram of gold and 14K gold price in their nearest places.

Credits of the prices goes to livepriceofgold

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