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22 April 2020 Today Gold Rate in Pakistan

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Gold is the desire of every woman in the world. It is the element that is widely respected all over the world mainly because of the enriched history attached to it. Steadily gold has woven into the society for thousands of years. In this article we are going to talk about the Gold rate in Pakistan and its current status of availability.

Today Gold Rate in Pakistan

What is the history of Gold?

The first coin that contained gold appeared about 800 B.C. the first fully gold made coin was used 300 years later in the reign of Croesus of the kingdom of Lydia. There are many reasons as to why people hold the gold.

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Today Gold Rate in Pakistan: (by: International Gold Market)

Updated: 22 April 2020 (daily update early in the morning)

 24k 10g24k Per Tola22k 10g22k Per Tola
Karachi Rs.87,745Rs.102,344Rs.80,550Rs.93,952
Rawalpindi Rs.87,745Rs.102,344Rs.80,550Rs.93,952
Peshawar Rs.87,745Rs.102,344Rs.80,550Rs.93,952

Note: 1 Pakistani tola is equal to 12.5g 

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Gold Rates Pakistan (by: Karachi Saraf Jewelers Association)

Updated: 22 April 2020 (daily update after 4 pm Mon-Fri )

 24k 10g24k Per Tola22k 10g22k Per Tola
PakistanRs.88,986Rs.103,792 Rs.81,571Rs.95,142
Karachi Rs.88,986Rs.103,792 Rs.81,571Rs.95,142
LahoreRs.88,986Rs.103,792 Rs.81,571Rs.95,142
IslamabadRs.88,986Rs.103,792 Rs.81,571Rs.95,142
Rawalpindi Rs.88,986Rs.103,792 Rs.81,571Rs.95,142
Peshawar Rs.88,986Rs.103,792 Rs.81,571Rs.95,142
QuettaRs.88,986Rs.103,792 Rs.81,571Rs.95,142

What is the gold price in Pakistan?

The gold rate today according to today pk is Rs. 49,790 per 24 Karate/ 1 Tola.  For 10 grams the gold price is Rs. 42,723.25.  The gold rate of 22k and 10 grams is Rs. 39,171, shows that gold rates in Pakistan are slightly high than yesterday gold rates in Pakistan.

What is the gold rate in Karachi?

Karachi is the hub of trade and new opportunities. The prices are both high and low in the metropolitan city like Karachi. The gold rates at Karachi for 1 tola (24karate) are Rs. 47,397 according to today’s rating. The today gold rate for 24k 10 grams is Rs. 40,635. You can also check today gold rate in Pakistan in Urdu from our site.

What is today gold price in Pakistan Lahore?

According to today gold rate of Pakistan, the 10 grams 24 Karate gold worth Rs. 46, 7771.  24karate gold of 1 tola is priced to be Rs. 53,400 and 22karate gold 1 tola is rated to be Rs. 41,957 at Lahore. The rate varies slightly at different Metropolitan cites of Pakistan but the difference is not that large however.

What are the gold rates in Pakistan (Islamabad)?

As per the international rate, the 1 tola gold price in Pakistan today at the city of Islamabad is Rs. 49,727. The 24Karate 10 grams gold rate in Pakistan today is Rs. 42,678 and the 22karate 1 tola gold rate Pakistan is Rs, 45,583.

These were some of the gold prices in Pakistan according to the International standards set today. Choose wisely and spend your money with accurate and proper knowledge so that you won’t spend extra from the gold rate today in Pakistan. You can also find today gold rate in Pakistan in Urdu from this site.


In this article you are going to learn about the gold rate in Pakistan. According to the international standards gold price in Pakistan today is Rs, 49,790 24Karate per Tola.

Credit of prices goes to pakbiz


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