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Today Price for Gold KSA – 16 November 2017

                  Today Price for Gold KSA – 16 November 2017


Today price for gold KSA– Gold is a precious steel, very unusual and difficult to discover and mine. It has been using as a source of protection of wealth for more than 3000 years. It has very extraordinary chemical houses. For example, it’s miles very hard to cast off, unaffected by many gasses e.g., Hydrogen Sulfide and Oxygen, it isn’t rusting and nor it is stained. It can’t be dissolved beneath 1063 degree centigrade. It is broken and dissolved best by way of Cyanide.  24-carat gold price, per ounce today, noticed as 4,795.14.  Today’s gold rate per gram- Per gram of 24-carat gold price today is 154.18. With 22-carat gold per gram cost is 141.54. 24-carat gold rate- per tola in 24-carat gold is calculated as 1,798.38. And 24-carat gold price in Kilogram today is measured as 154,184.59.

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Today Price for Gold KSA:

Updated: 16 November 2017

Gold Price Today Price in Saudi RiyalHighLow
1Gram 24k 154.62 154.76 154.33
1Gram 22k141.94142.07141.67
1Gram 21k 135.29 135.41 135.04
1Gram 18k 115.96 116.07 115.75
1Gram 14k 90.08 90.53 90.28
1Gram 10k 64.48 64.53 64.35
1Gram 6k38.6538.6938.58

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